Tarts – Pineapple Crimped



– Available in 3 different options of eggless, diabetic-friendly and normal flavors.

a)  Eggless:  No eggs are used in the crust, making it a good option for those allergic to eggs.

b)  Diabetic-Friendly:  No sugar is used in the crust.  Sweetness is derived fully from the pineapple filling.  A better option for the health-conscious, aiming to cut down on sugar yet able to enjoy delectable pineapple tarts.

c) Normal:  Eggs and sugars all inclusive.  We still use the half sweet, half sour pineapple filling like we always do alongside our crunchy butter dough

– Available in 25 pieces or 50 pieces per bottle

– Homemade using Golden Churn butter and quality ingredients

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Eggless, Diabetic-Friendly, Normal


25 pieces, 50 pieces

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