Sambal Nyet Berapi

Introducing you to the much-talked Sambal Nyet Berapi by well-known Malaysian influencer, Khairul Aming.

Hey, What’s Up Guys!  Introducing our new addition:

SAMBAL NYET BERAPI by Khairulaming

🔥 Ready To Eat. Best eaten with white rice and dishes like sunny sideup egg, fried fish and chicken, etc.  Can also be used as a cooking base.

🔥 Bottled Weight:  330g, Nett Content Weight: 180g

🔥 Expiry Date: 5 months (please refer to date on cap)

🔥 Ingredients Used: Onion, Chilli, Garlic, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt, MSG

🔥 Store in the fridge after opening.  Refrain from using a damn spoon to prolong item freshness and prevent spoilage.

🔥 Sambal will harden due to oil content when fridged.  Thaw in room temperature prior consumption.  

$13/ bottle  

Buy 2 bottles @ $24

(please input promo code 2NYET24)

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